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Earthquest Outdoor School Inc. is a program of adventure in excellence that empowers participants intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually and morally within a learning environment that values caring, sharing, compassion, responsibility, accountability, individuality and creativity. 

This is something we have been doing since 1981.

Based out of Vernon in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Earthquest Outdoor School is more than just outdoor adventure. Earthquest is about meeting challenges. It's about dealing with the unexpected. It's about discovering your potential. It's about finding your voice. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It's a holistic workout for the mind, body and spirit.

How do we achieve these things? Simple. We make learning enjoyable. 

We give the student an opportunity by opening the door to new experiences, friends, environments and skills. In return, learning goes beyond what is expected and continues to grow throughout adulthood

as Earthquest enables students to fully succeed in a variety of academic, athletic and social


Students enroll in School District 22 and complete coursework through the

vLearn program with the support of their teachers. Course requirements are

integrated into the EQ adventures and contribute to, and often exceed 

graduation requirements. 

For costs, please see here.


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