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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions,  so we've got answers. we wouldn't want you to feel unprepared or uncomfortable coming into EQ. Here are some commonly asked questions, but if you've got more, contact us and we will do our best to help you. 

If I take EQ, will I be able to go to university?

Of course! In fact, a majority of  our past students are enrolled  in, or have graduated from top universities in Canada, the United States and abroad. Many students say that EQ has helped them to get into certain programs because of its reputation, such as medicine, law, engineering, nursing, etc.


Is EQ only for people who are hardcore outdoorsy?

No. Not at all. Everything we do is geared towards people who are inexperienced. At the same time, if you are an outdoors enthusiast, you'll still be challenged and get to do some things you've never tried.

Do I have to be from Vernon, BC to take EQ?

No. You can literally be from anywhere, that's the beauty of online courses and trips with EQ. You do your online work from anywhere you wish such as your home, your travels or your home school and just arrange to be picked up for EQ trips, or meet us at a certain destination. We also have international students from different countries in various districts join us.


Will I get to play school sports while in EQ?

Yes, for sure. We have always been supportive of sports and actually encourage it. You might miss a practice, game or tournament here or there, but most coaches know what to expect when youre in EQ, in fact, they like it because youre being active and learning some valuable team building skills.


What kind of jobs do past EQ grads have?

EQ grads are everywhere because they are everything. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, teachers, dentists, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, professional athletes in hockey and football, designers, computer programmers, loggers, mechanics, raft guides, engineers, heli-ski guides, business owners, outdoor school leaders, chief wardens, firefighters, helicopter pilots, jet fighter pilots, airline pilots, published authors, film producers, world travelers and explorers and even an Everest climber or two. So, yes, basically everything... It doesn't matter if youre in EQ, you can still be whatever you want, and maybe even be better at it!


What about gear and equipment, do I need to buy things?

No. we've got you covered at no additional expense. The only things you'll need are some personal supplies like clothing and food. Contact us if you have questions about this, or if you need recommendations on equipment if you choose to purchase some yourself. 

How many students will be admitted into EQ?

Numbers change all the time. Generally speaking, the more students (there is a maxiumum), the cheaper it is for everyone, so get some friends together, think it through and apply.


How long is the program?

EQ is 9-10 weeks. This time is for the expeditions and the pre-expedition learning. For the rest of the time, you'll be doing coursework on your own time, when you want and where you want, but typically, students love working togther at the vLearn site with various teachers in specialty subjects.  


Will I be able to take other programs in the school district if Im in EQ?

Yes, its not going to be a problem with our new online course format. All you'll have to do is take different courses from the ones you might get in another program. Make sure you talk to a school counsellor.  


Is EQ recognizable?

Yes. In fact, it has been called the "premier school program in Canada for students." EQ has been around for over 35 years and counting, so we've established ourselves in the field at the local, provincial, national and international community. It's rare to travel abroad and not meet someone who has been in, or knows about EQ. Actually, in his global travels, Moe and Reido's son has found it hard to avoid people who know about EQ, even on the remote beaches of Costa Rica or streets of Tokyo. We have also been awarded several national and international awards for education, inspiration and innovation.


Can I work while in EQ?

Yes, but like all teachers, we believe that school comes first. So, work's not a problem, but just be sure that you're making us your top priority. It'll be your responsibility to ensure that shifts are covered when you're gone.


Why is EQ offered to grade 11 AND grade 12 now?

EQ used to be offered to grade 11 students only. Now, it's being offered to grade 12s because of VLearn. With VLearn, you can take different courses while in EQ, so it's not just limited to certain credits for grade 11s. Talk about a great way to spend a semester in your grad year!


Are Moe and Reido still the instructors? Yes, they are. So, don't worry, the stories you've heard can be added to the ones you're going to have for yourself. From time to time, we have additional instructors join or sometimes replace Moe on our expeditions. These are typically Quest Alumni and are working in the outdoor field or have significant outdoor or medical experience. If you're a past Questie, contact us! We love hearing from you!


Are the trips safe?

Yes. We pride ourselves in being incredibly safe and professional. If you want to know more, contact us. For over 35 years, we've provided safe adventures through being highly qualified and experienced in the field.


Where can I get some more info about VLearn?

You can check out vLearn online. 


Is earthquest fun?

We wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't. Especially for over 35 years...


I'm interested in applying, how do I do it?

If you're ready to apply, just download the application on the site and follow the directions. We cant wait to get to know you!


How are applicants selected?

Applicants are selected based on a variety of things. We are looking for kids who work hard, have good attendance, have great attitudes and want to try something new for a change.


Do grades matter when I apply?

Grades never have been, and still aren't the emphasis when we look at applicants. While we would like you to be doing well in your classes, we are more interested in how responsible you are, what your attitude is like and if you're someone we can trust and will do well in the program. We wouldn't just take anyone on a helicopter into the back country, but we might just take you.


What credits do I get for taking EQ and VLearn? 

Typically, students complete Language Arts 11, Life Science 11, Outdoor Education 11 and Outdoor Education 12 (Leadership). A majority of students earn additional credits. Also, these credits can be flexible depending on needs, previous coursework, or availability at a students' home school in the opposing semester. 

How long are the adventure trips?

Trips are generally around 8 days, with the river adventure typically being of shorter duration, usually 5 days. Weather, especially in the Monashee Range can change this, as we need to ensure helicopters can safely depart. 

How much does EQ cost?

For everything, which includes all trips, equipment, transportation, camping fees, parks fees, ferry fees, courses, helicopters, hostels, etc. the total cost for EQ is approximately $4,800 CAD. Contact us for more information. 

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